Breaking Out of Procrastination to Finally “Do Something” about Your Wage and Hour Violation Case

Whether you worked as a server at a New York City restaurant that distributed tips to workers not supposed to be in the tip pool; a contract worker who never received overtime pay on a difficult project, or a construction worker that got paid straight pay instead of time and 1/2 for overtime, you’re kicking yourself.

You know you ought to do something.

You worked hard. You deserve to be paid, commensurately. Plus, if your employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or New York State Labor Laws, he or she needs to be held to account, not only to protect your interests but also to protect the interests of other employees.

You feel a strong responsibility to yourself and to other people to act — to get the bad behavior to stop and to rectify unfair errors or omissions.

But you’re stuck.

So what’s stopping you from calling a reputable, experienced labor law firm, like Joseph & Kirschenbaum, LLP, to get insight into your options?

What’s at the root of your procrastination?

Here are some possible roadblocks:

You recognize that you’ve been mistreated, but your finances are in a fraught state. You don’t want to lose your job, risk your chances of promotion, or otherwise “make waves” in a way that could cost you opportunities elsewhere in your industry;
You’re not a “confrontational person” by nature. You find it challenging to stand-up for yourself, even when you know that your rights are being trampled.
You’re worried about what will happen to your working conditions if you prevail. You might get money owed and keep your job. But would friendly co-workers “turn against you”? Would the fun and camaraderie that makes your job special disappear?
This just doesn’t “feel like the right time” to take action. For instance, maybe you’re stressing over a family crisis or an illness;
You believe that “things will get better on their own.”
There are deeper reasons why you’re resisting getting help — such reasons can range from fear of success to fear of failure to fear of everything in between.

Break Through Your Procrastination to Take Strategic Action to Protect Your Interests
The team here at Joseph & Kirschenbaum, LLP is world renowned for our aggressive, tenacious work battling on behalf of clients like you. We’ve spearheaded some of the highest profile class action lawsuits in the history of New York City’s restaurant industry, for instance.

We’re gratified to get to create positive changes in lives of our clients.

Connect with us today, so that we can help you figure out what to do to change the dynamics at your workplace. Call us at (212) 688-5640 for a confidential evaluation of your case.

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