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Up to 3,000 interns who worked for the company Warner Music have banded together to demand compensation, per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The lead plaintiff in this case is a young man named Kyle Grant, who interned for Warner Brothers’ Records (a subsidiary of Warner Music Group) in 2012 and 2011. Grant interned 10.5 hour days and allegedly did work that a company would normally pay employees to do. He and his fellow plaintiffs argue that WMG’s internship program violated the FLSA.

Were Grant and his fellow interns misclassified? Should they have been considered employees? Or should they have been considered “trainees,” for the purposes of the FSLA? If the latter, they might not deserve compensation.

Whether your boss disgusted you by making a sexual overture or a co-worker harassed you in the break room, you are fuming.

You can’t believe what’s happened to you. It’s 2013. How could any reasonably well-educated person — working in a modern New York City office — resort to such barbarism?

You want answers. How can you prevent the gross behavior from ever happening again? What can you do to punish a persistent harasser — or at least get compensated for your stress, trauma, loss of productivity, and loss of work opportunities?

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