City College of New York Under Cloud of Sexual Harassment Allegations After Alleged Wrongdoing of Dean George Ranalli

Architecture professor and CUNY Dean George Ranalli stands accused of sexual harassment, according to a recent report from the New York Post.

Ranalli, who taught for two decades at the Yale University School of Architecture prior to taking on the role of the Dean of the Bernard and Ann Spitzer School of Architecture for City College, allegedly harassed his office assistant, Ariella Campisi, after an office holiday party in December 2013.

According to Campisi’s story, her boss was driving her home from the party, when they got stuck in traffic on the Westside Highway, following festivities at the Smoke Jazz and Supper Club. Per the Post, the 68-year-old proceeded to rub her knee and thigh “in a sexual manner, right below where her skirt ended” and later asked his assistant: “you look so beautiful. Can I kiss you?”

Campisi allegedly went to school authorities the very next day to report what happened, but when she checked on the case’s progress a year and a half later, she discovered to her dismay that no investigation into her complaint had been launched. Apparently, the people she told reported what happened to incorrect department.

Campisi’s lawsuit against CUNY says that the school engaged in “deliberate indifference” to her complaint. Ranalli – who has been on administrative leave since April from CUNY – has, through his lawyer, denied that the harassment ever took place.

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