Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Alleged at J.P Morgan Chase

According to a September 29th article from Reuters, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed suit against America’s second biggest bank, J.P Morgan Chase & Company, for allegedly perpetrating both sexual harassment and retaliation against female employees who complained about the abuse.

The main complainant, Aimee Doneyhue, had been working in a Columbus, Ohio branch of J.P Morgan. She contacted the EEOC to complain about her company’s “sexually hostile” culture and further charged that the bank did not allocate salary payments, commissions and bonuses fairly among men and women. Subsequently, according to the allegation, when Doneyhue’s superiors learned about her complaint, they fired her in retaliation, calling her an “idiot.” The EEOC seeks a range of damages and remedies from J.P Morgan Chase, including punitive payouts, back pay, and a change in the culture at the company.

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