Discrimination and Retaliation Case Ends With Quarter Million Dollar Pay Out to Claimants

According to an Associate Press article dated July 9th, 2009, the federally run Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has won a $250,000 judgment in a sexual discrimination and retaliation case involving a temp agency.

According to the report, a company called Preferred Labor LLC – an employment company based out of North Carolina – had illegally catered to customer requests for male-only temps for certain jobs. One woman alleged that, after she complained about the company’s gender discrimination tactics, her superiors punished her — in direct violation of federal prohibitions against employer retaliation.

Preferred Labor is no longer in business, and it has sold off its component parts to an outside employment agency. If the company wished to start up again, it would have to pay for and conduct manager and employee training in anti-discrimination.

Unfortunately, many temporary employees — like the Worcester women who suffered both discrimination and retaliation in this case — are only dimly aware of their rights under employment law. Even temporary hires and independent contractors cannot be subjected to harassment or discrimination on the job. To find out more about your legal rights or to press for liability against your employer or former employer, connect with the law firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP today.

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