Employment Discrimination against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals Must End, Cry Bloggers

Employment discrimination against individuals on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity is illegal in many states. 12 states have laws on the books against firing someone based on gender identity. 20 other states have laws protecting workers from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. These accomplishments notwithstanding, online activists in the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) have recently launched a substantial P.R. push for a federal law to provide protection against this kind of employment discrimination.

To that end, the activists want Congress to vote on a piece of legislation called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (a.k.a. ENDA or HR-3017), which was first introduced back in 1994.

Due to a number of factors – lack of political weight probably being number one – ENDA has never been brought up for a vote. In the wake of the exhausting battle over health care, most political analysts believe that the House will defer taking on a project as potentially controversial as ENDA until well after the November elections.

That said, many liberal bloggers — writing in corners of cyberspace like DailyKos.com and MyHusbandBetty.com — have made a push in recent weeks urging supporters to badger their representatives in Congress about the legislation. These activists worry that, come November, the Democrats may lose their majority in Congress, and that the next Congress will be less sympathetic to ENDA.

Of course, the current law does offer significant federal protections to workers against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. If you or a coworker or friend has been subject to unfair or cruel treatment at work – or you feel that you were discriminated against in a hiring or promotion decision – you can find adroit legal representation through the firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum. Please connect with our firm today for a free consultation at (212) 688-5640, or explore the resources at our website, www.jhllp.com.

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