How to End Sexual Orientation and Gender Discrimination: Debate in Vegas Stirred by ENDA Protest

On July 20th, a massive demonstration in the heart of Las Vegas’ Strip shined a light on sexual discrimination and gender identity discrimination. Eight activists got arrested on misdemeanor counts for blocking traffic in a protest to compel Nevada Senator Reid to bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (also known as ENDA) to vote in the U.S. Senate.

Although Senator Reid supports ENDA – Nevada in fact is one of 11 states to have passed a statewide measure prohibiting employment discrimination based on same sex partnerships – the protesters did not believe that Reid was moving fast enough on this issue. Two dozen activists (part of a coalition called Get Equal) participated. Many of the activists – including Jimmy Gurender and Lieutenant Dan Choi – are veterans of gay rights protests against President Obama and Senator John McCain (pursuant to the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy).

Curiously, the protest took place right outside the MGM Grand and New York Casinos. MGM Resorts has positioned itself as a very gay friendly spot, and MGM was the first resort on the Strip to offer health benefits to same sex partners of employees.

Although the battle over the future of ENDA may have just begun, thousands of workers across the nation face hostile work environments. If you or a loved one has suffered harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, or retaliation for complaining about unfair practices at work, you may need legal assistance to protect your rights, protect your job, and ensure that justice gets done.

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