Inside Baseball: How Sub-Standard Wages in Minor League Baseball Illuminate Labor Laws

Minor league baseball players may be getting the short end of the baseball bat when it comes to their wages. Ongoing litigation on behalf of 34 former minor league players against Major League Baseball (MLB), all 30 big-league teams, and others indicates that players may be getting overworked and underpaid.

The antitrust exemption held by MLB is the conflict’s primary point of contention. Regulations provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) do not apply to MLB in the same way as they do to other major organizations, thanks to this unique antitrust exemption. For many players, this fosters pay that averages below hourly minimum wage—a low bar that has already failed to keep up with decades of inflation.

If you are worried that your employer is paying you below minimum wage or is somehow otherwise violating the FLSA, consider the following:

* Consult a qualified employment lawyer immediately; he or she can walk you through the complexities of labor laws and explains your rights and obligations.
* Does your job require you to work hours for which you aren’t paid? If so, you may have a case against the employer.
* Talk to your employer to correct issues and, if that doesn’t work, contact your state’s labor department.

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