Massive Racial Discrimination Lawsuit against Albertson’s Grocery Chain Nets Plaintiffs Nearly $9 Million

An EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) racial discrimination lawsuit leveled against the Albertsons grocery chain has resulted in an $8.9 million payout to nearly 170 Hispanic and African American plaintiffs who had alleged that they had been taunted based on their ethnicity and forced to look at racist graffiti plastered all over company restrooms.

All told, three lawsuits were leveled against the Denver based grocery chain. According to a December 16th AP article, the distribution of moneys will depend on the severity of the racial discrimination/retaliation, the number of years worked, and other factors. Payouts will range from $4,500 to hundreds of thousand of dollars.

The EEOC alleged that Albertsons supervisors not only did not stop the taunting or clean up the racially insensitive graffiti — which included swastikas and comments about lynching — but they also actively ‘participated in it.’ Although a spokesman for the company disputed many of the EEOC’s allegations, the company opted to make the settlement ‘to put an end to continued costly and disruptive litigation.’
Often, individuals who work in environments that are permissive of racial discrimination and harassment may not realize that they have resources to combat unfair practices and take legal action, if need be. If you or a friend, family member or co-worker has experienced discrimination similar to the discrimination alleged by the 168 Albertson plaintiffs, connect today with the firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP at, or discuss your matter in confidence at (212) 688-5640.

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