New White House Program Seeks Fairer Overtime Pay for Workers

Our New York employment attorneys have been examining recent efforts by the White House to strengthen workers’ overtime protections. The 2014 initiative, which began in March, seeks to reevaluate and adjust existing policies to reflect the changing realities of the workforce and ensure every employee receives fair pay.

According to the White House, current overtime laws fail to take into account the current economy and the circumstances of American workers. For instance, the “white collar exemption” is often used by employers to prevent salaried workers earning more than $561 per week – or working in certain professions – from earning overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours. This negatively affects many low-income workers, who work long hours without adequate compensation.

The Presidential Memorandum seeks to work with the Secretary of Labor to address several concerns, including:

• Fair and proper enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

• Changes in the modern workplace.

• Difficulty understanding and applying overtime regulations.

“My Overtime Rights Are Being Violated. What Should I Do?”

Should you count yourself among those suffering from unfair overtime compensation practices, you are not alone. Confronting a noncompliant employer can be an intimidating prospect, but fortunately, several options exist to help you obtain the wages you deserve. These include:

• Keeping track of hours and pay. Make a note of how many hours you work each day and retain pay stubs for your records. This information will become invaluable if you choose to pursue action against an employer.

• Contact regulatory agencies.
The United States Department of Labor allows individuals to file complaints against their employers when they suspect them of violating wage laws.

• Obtain an attorney.
Individual and class-action lawsuits raise awareness about employer misdeeds and help plaintiffs recover their rightful overtime pay.

With the help of the White House and the Department of Labor, as well as a qualified New York employment attorney, you no longer need to endure overtime violations as a condition of employment. Contact Joseph & Kirschenbaum today to discuss your legal options.

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