New York Gender Discrimination Case Against Merrill Lynch and Bank of America Could Become a Class Action Suit

Last week, three female financial advisors at Merrill Lynch filed a gender discrimination complaint against both Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for discriminatory practices. The three women filed their suit in the US District Court in Brooklyn and made allegations such as:

• Male counterparts were provided better opportunities and larger bonuses.
• After one claimant protested about the unequal treatment, she was punished and then forced to pre-approve her business lunch claims, which male employees never had to do.
• New York gender discrimination and retaliation problems have only gotten worse since Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch in 2008.

The plaintiffs have sought class action status, which could make the action bigger and broader and more newsworthy. They seek unspecified damages as well as back pay. So far, Bank of America has denied the allegations of gender discrimination. A spokeswoman said the bank was fully prepared to defend itself and that the claims are unwarranted.

One of the claimants — the lead one, actually, Judy Calibuso — continues to work as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. The other two women, Diane Goedtel and Judy Moss, quit working as financial advisors for BOA. Combined, the three women worked for the bank for over three decades.

If gender discrimination can happen at the biggest financial company in the United States (technically, after Merrill Lynch acquired BOA in 2008, it achieved this status), then employment discrimination can truly happen anywhere. If you or a family member or coworker has been subjected to unfair treatment as a result of your gender, race, national origin, or disability, or other factors, you may be entitled to significant compensation and redress under the law. Please connect today with the reliable, veteran, and results-proven attorneys of Joseph & Kirschenbaum ASAP for a free and confidential consultation. Demanding justice is never easy, but our attorneys can walk you through the process step by step and answer all of your questions.

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