NYC Mayor de Blasio Upholds Prevailing-Wage Bill

On June 6, Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a recent lawsuit which sought to block New York City’s prevailing-wage law. He is now working with the state court to implement the law.

City Council passed the bill, which would have raised the salaries of building workers in developments receiving $1 million or more from city subsidies. However, former mayor Michael Bloomberg, after unsuccessfully attempting to veto the law, sued to block its implementation. At the time, Mayor Bloomberg argued such a bill would force businesses to go elsewhere.

Although opponents of the prevailing-wage law argue lenders and retail tenants will shy away from city-subsidized projects, many positive outcomes are also likely to result. Possible benefits of de Blasio’s decision include:

• Better standards of living for low-income workers such as janitors, building workers, and security guards.

• An improved economy in the city due to these individuals’ increased spending power.

• More attractive jobs for building workers, resulting in a more competitive employment pool.

• Setting a precedent for businesses in other industries to follow.

Regardless of their profession or income, everyone has the right to fair and lawful wages and employment practices. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workers possess a myriad of rights, and employers have certain responsibilities towards their employees.

When employers engage in unlawful tactics, such as employee misclassification, assigning “off the clock” work, or paying staff less than minimum wage, employees can turn to a New York employment attorney to help them assert their rights. The team at Joseph & Kirschenbaum possesses an intimate knowledge of FLSA requirements, and we work tirelessly to advocate for our clients.

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