Peculiar New York Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case – Salesman Alleges He was Targeted for Being Straight

The New York Daily News is reporting on an exotic New York retaliation and sexual harassment case involving accusations that a salesman’s boss made homosexual advances on him.


Salesman Adolfo Mendez worked for the Gucci Department Store on Fifth Avenue for years, becoming a top seller of luxury apparel. When a new boss took over his department, however, problems ensued. According to allegations, this new manager, Michael Daly, gave Mendez a massage and touched him on his buttocks multiple times. Mendez rebuffed the advances and told his boss that the touching made him uncomfortable. Daly did not respond sympathetically. Soon thereafter, another manager, David Gray, took the helm of the Gucci women’s clothes department and made mocking comments towards Mendez, such as “I know you are gay.”

Mendez asked his managers to stop the New York sexual harassment and even complained to the HR department, but this didn’t seem to help. Gucci put him on administrative leave and then fired him two weeks after he complained. In the wake of all this, Mendez leveled a lawsuit against Gucci for $5 million for New York sexual harassment and retaliation. Although the two managers at the center of the alleged scandal no longer work for Gucci, the company can still be held liable for their actions.

Unfortunately, in many sexual harassment cases, plaintiffs experience a double hit. They face direct aggravation from the harassment. And then they endure stonewalling from HR. If you or a family member has complained fruitlessly to your HR department about harassment, employment discrimination, or other unwanted behaviors, you may be able to take legal action to seek significant compensation under New York and national anti-discrimination laws.

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