Race-Based Employment Discrimination Case Leads To Half a Million Dollar Settlement

According to a March 11, 2009 press release put out
by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a Las
Vegas based business called N-W Ventures, LLC has been
ordered to pay out a settlement of over $450,000 to past and current employees
for violating Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. NW Ventures LLC owns
entertainment and restaurant properties in Texas,
Chicago, and Nevada.

The lawsuit alleges that eight
African-American employees endured name calling and discrimination on the job.
When the employees complained to upper management about the problems that they
were having, they were summarily fired. On top of this indignity, the workers
suffered insult to injury when their bosses retroactively invented reasons for
the terminations to avoid being sued.

Both retaliation and race-based
employment discrimination
can be actionable. Yet despite widespread campaigns
to snuff out these kinds of abusive practices, unfortunately, many employers
continue to flout the law. Particularly in the restaurant and bar industries,
harassment and retaliation practices persist and seem almost de rigueur.

The good news is that lawsuits like this one brought by
the EEOC and others brought by firms like Joseph & Kirschenbaum, hit violators
where it counts – in the pocketbook. These legal actions financially motivate
offenders to change their ways and come more into line with legal and ethical

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