Recent Cases Point to Higher Incidences of Wage Theft

Our New York employment attorneys aren’t the only ones seeing more cases related to wage theft. As more companies cut corners and more employees report shrinking paychecks, the number of lawsuits grows nationwide.

Current or recent cases involving wage theft include:

• Schneider.
A national trucking company that provide services to Walmart is now paying out $21 million in a settlement with Rangel and other individuals robbed of their rightful overtime pay.

• FedEx.
A federal appeals court in California recently found FedEx culpable of wage theft by classifying its drivers as independent contractors, cheating them of overtime pay.

• McDonald’s.
Seven lawsuits are currently addressing claims that various franchises omitted overtime pay from employees’ paychecks by making them work off the clock or erasing hours from timecards.

Business interests claim such lawsuits represent coordinated efforts with labor unions to push for higher wages for workers. However, increasing violations on the part of employers leave little doubt of the need for accountability in these and other companies.

What to Do if You Suspect You’re a Victim of Wage Theft

Unfortunately, no occupation is immune from dishonest and unfair compensation practices. If hours or overtime pay are missing from your paycheck – or if you believe your employer has incorrectly classified you or forced you to work off the clock – you likely feel cheated and frustrated. Fortunately, the law is on your side.

Ways to fight potential wage theft include:

• Keep meticulous records. Document how many hours you work during each pay period to ensure paychecks are accurate. When your employer engages in questionable practices, write down the date, time, and nature of the incidents for future reference.

• Contact anonymous tip lines. If your employer provides a hotline for reporting dishonest practices, consider calling to tell what you know.

• Call an attorney.
An employment lawyer can discuss your situation and legal options with you.

You work hard, and you are entitled to every dime you earn. Contact the New York employment attorneys at Joseph & Kirschembaum to keep your employer accountable at (212) 688-5640 or to set up a free consultation.

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