Target Sued For Alleged Disability Discrimination

Attorneys for a Target employee with cerebral palsy have filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against the retailer in response to the company’s decision to reduce the work hours of the claimant.

29-year old Jeremy Schott, who worked at a Target outlet in Santa Ana, California, had a difficult time communicating with fellow employees and customers due to his medical condition. His boss allegedly compelled him to attend meetings regarding his work performance without the assistance of his parents and coach. Anna Park, an attorney for the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the organization bringing the lawsuit, said that Schott’s employers knew of his disability prior to hiring him and acknowledged that he would require special treatment to thrive in the workplace.

The AP reported that the EEOC filed the suit in Los Angeles US District Court on Monday; as of this writing, Target has not publicly commented on the matter. And it’s unclear whether the Minneapolis-centered company will contest the allegations or seek an out of court settlement.

The field of disability discrimination law has evolved considerably over the past few decades, as employers, employees, and regulators have struggled to define precisely what constitutes a disability and what employers should do to provide a fair and safe work environment for other-abled individuals. For instance, while the law acknowledges that employers cannot discriminate against disabled job applicants, it can be ambiguous in terms of precisely what accommodations employers must make and how disputes over fair treatment should be handled.

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