Sexual Harassment Allegations Leveled against Siegfried and Roy: Shocking Details Emerge

On September 17th, Oliver Preiss, a former assistant of Las Vegas legend Roy Horn, filed a complaint alleging that Horn and his tiger taming partner, Siegfried Fischbacher, sexually harassed him – and other assistants – over the course of several years.

The complaint alleges that Horn “groped” Preiss and compelled him and other assistants to watch pornographic movies. Horn and Fischbacher also allegedly requested sex and “made sexual advances towards all male assistants” Preiss rebuffed the overtures. But over the years, the constant advances gave him “crippling anxiety” and caused a deterioration of his relationship with his wife. Preiss wants $100,000 in damages, according to an article.

An attorney representing Horn has thus far refused to comment on the allegations. The tiger wrangling duo announced that they were done with show business earlier this year – shortly before Preiss got fired. Horn made international news a few years ago when one of his trained tigers attacked him on stage and nearly killed him.
Horn and Fischbacher are not the only big celebrities to have had to contend with allegations of sexual harassment in 2010. Both Oprah Winfrey and Steven Seagal, for instance, have faced public charges that assistants (or people in their employ) suffered sexual harassment and humiliation while on the job.

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