Sexual Harassment Allegations Leveled against Texas Film Commissioner: Did Accusations Drive Him to Quit?

Bob Hudgins, the Head of the Texas Film Commission, announced last week that he will be retiring at the end of November, fueling speculation that allegations of sexual harassment drove him out of the prestigious position. Hudgins, who serves under the auspices of the Governor’s Office, announced his resignation after an employee at the Commission complained that he had sexually harassed her. Hudgins denied the accusations and released a statement to the press: “I will not disclose the details until I am no longer within the Office of the Governor.” The Governor’s Office has not commented on the matter.

Hudgins’ associates have insisted that the Film Commissioner quit because he wanted to spend more time with his family. For instance, he supposedly had to miss his daughter’s 5th birthday because he was on a business trip. During Hudgins’ term, Texas witnessed an explosion in filming — $600 million in TV and movie projects over the past three years. New projects being shot in Texas include: True Grit (Directed by the Coen Brothers) and the TV shows Chase and The Good Guys.

Obviously, from brief news stories, it’s impossible to weigh in on the veracity of complex allegations like sexual harassment, retaliation, or race discrimination. Only a deep and probing investigation can truly shed light on the merits of a claim. But workplace violations of employer rights can be depressingly common in many industries. For instance, attorney Maimon Kirschenbaum (of Joseph & Kirschenbaum) has, over the past several years, represented claimants in a dizzyingly diverse number of high profile wage and hour violation cases against prominent New York City restaurants.

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