Sexual Harassment Allegations Dog Brett Favre, Days after Sister Arrested at Meth Lab

Retiring NFL quarterback, Brett Favre, has faced a gauntlet of bad news over the past two months – and not just news of the Viking’s elimination from playoff contention. The 20 year NFL veteran has been accused of sexually harassing a masseuse who worked for the Vikings during the 2006 season. The Minnesota woman, Stephanie Dusenberry, alleges that the Viking’s QB sent her multiple harassing text messages, including:
• “This is Brett with the Vikings; do you have time to work on me? No hurry I am alone.”
• “You don’t know what it’s like not to be touched by a woman for three weeks, come over and no one needs to know.”

Prior to Favre’s masseuse related troubles, the QB had been fending off questions about the arrest of his sister Brandi at a Mississippi meth lab.

Favre belongs to a pantheon of NFL quarterbacks who’ve been dogged by various seedy-sounding allegations. Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick famously served time in prison after committing horrific animal abuse against dogs. Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady both have been ground up in the sports press for bad-boy behavior and their aggressive actions towards woman.

When men in powerful positions (e.g. NFL quarterbacks and corporate CEOs) commit acts like sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination, their less powerful and less famous victims often feel bullied by the press and helpless to respond effectively.

The reality is that many instances of employer abuse go unreported (or underreported) because victims fear reprisals or fear they won’t prevail in getting justice done. Fortunately, the law provides more resources than most victims realize.

If you have evidence that someone at your work withheld overtime or vacation pay; subjected you to inappropriate standards based on your age, sex, or skin color; or retaliated against you by demoting you because you made a complaint to HR, the attorneys at the law firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum can help. Connect with the team at or (212) 688-5640 for a free (and completely confidential) consultation today.

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