Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Allegations Topple a Publishing Legend

Allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation have led to the downfall of David Davidar, the former CEO of Penguin Canada and one of India’s most iconic publishing legends. Lisa Rundle, a woman who worked for Penguin for three years, filed a sexual harassment suit against Davidar and another lawsuit against Penguin for firing her in retaliation after she initiated complaints.

Rundle claims that Davidar began harassing her in 2007 by leering at her and making suggestively sexual comments. The following year, he allegedly called her at night seeking to be let into her house and sent her unwanted text messages and emails. Finally, at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Davidar allegedly forced his way into Rundle’s hotel room and kissed her. Rundle seeks nearly $0.5 million from Penguin for the wrongful termination as well as $100,000 in damages specifically from Davidar.

Another suit may further complicate matters for both Davidar and Penguin. Samantha Francis, the publishing icon’s former executive assistant, has also filed a sexual harassment against her ex-boss.

The legal wrangling over specifically what transpired at Penguin among Rundle, Francis, Davidar, and other managers and human resources people will likely continue for months if not years. The complexity of this case – as well as the media scrutiny, especially from international outlets such as Globe and Mail – illustrates just how important it is for claimants to have excellent attorneys helping them when they come forward with allegations.

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