Telecom Giant AT&T Sued For Age Discrimination by EEOC

AT&T, the biggest telecommunications company in the US, has found itself on the business end of an age discrimination lawsuit. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) launched the suit against AT&T in response to the company’s practice of prohibiting the rehiring of former employees who had opted for early retirement. EEOC attorneys allege that this policy makes it much more difficult for older employees to get rehired.

A spokesman for the EEOC, Louis Graziano, said that AT&T’s policy discriminated against a class of workers that theoretically could number as much as 50,000 (the total number of people who opted for the early retirement program). The actual number of people who might have been discriminated against should be much less than that, however, since only people who subsequently sought to be rehired by AT&T would have been impacted.

After the EEOC filed the suit in US District Court in Manhattan, an AT&T spokesman named Michael Coe responded that the company “makes diversity and inclusion a top priority” and does not tolerate “discrimination of any sort, including that based on age…” Coe did not make any comments regarding the specific allegations of the suit.

Age discrimination is illegal under US law – whether it’s being perpetrated by a giant multinational corporation such as AT&T or by a small business owner with only a handful of employees. If you are older than 40, and you believe that your employer denied you compensation or advancement or otherwise mistreated or harassed you based on your age, the attorneys at Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP can advise you. Call (212) 688-5640 or email us through today to speak with an attorney about your age discrimination matter ASAP. All consultations are free, thorough, and no obligation.

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