Victory for Embattled Defendants in Ongoing Sex Discrimination, Race Discrimination, and Retaliation Case against Illinois Country Club

On June 22nd, a Federal District Judge decreed that the Hickory Hills Country Club in Illinois would have to pay a total of $690,000 to claimants in an ongoing dispute that includes charges of gender and race discrimination as well as retaliation. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought the suit against Hickory Hills on behalf of a class of claimants, including female employees and African-American job applicants who have been denied employment (allegedly) due to their race.

Timeline of the Case:

On October 24th, 2007, three female claimants filed a private suit against their employers for sex discrimination. The women claimed that they had been harassed and had been subjected to hostile work conditions. The defendants responded by countersuing the women in Illinois court, claiming that the women had breeched fiduciary duties and destroyed the banquet hall’s property. The EEOC investigated the defendant’s countersuit and found that not only did it have no grounds, but that it also violated the claimants’ federally protected rights to take action to combat workplace discrimination.

In September of 2008, the EEOC countersued Chateau Del Mar for retaliating against the women. The three separate cases were all brought before a US district judge as components of a related matter. Per a consent decree, the judge resolved the cases and stipulated that the claimants should receive monitory relief and that Hickory Hills and Chateau Del Mar must train their staffs in gender and race discrimination law.

If you or a coworker has been subjected to racial discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation, the law provides you with an array of tools to exact justice and collect compensation from your employer. To find out more about your rights and your employer’s legal limitations, connect with the firm of Joseph & Kirschenbaum LLP today. We offer free, totally confidential consultations for prospective clients.

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